Paul Nadon Evangelistic Ministries

The following organizations are owned and operated by PNE Ministries.


Lone Tree Web Solutions - Full Service Internet Solutions

We take pride in providing you with viable web solutions for your personal, church, ministry and business needs. Our services include: web site hosting, domain name registration, web page design, custom graphic design and web site maintenance. All proceeds are applied to the operational costs of PNE Ministries.

Lone Tree Web Solutions

Paul4Jesus Ministry - Christian Fellowship & Chat

Paul4Jesus Ministry is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the World. The purpose of this ministry is to glorify God through evangelical discipleship, impacting every area of the worldwide web for Christ. We are committed to fulfilling our God-given purpose through worship, edification, evangelism, fervent prayer and fellowship with everyone.

Paul4Jesus Ministry

Community Outreach Ministry - Care for the Homeless & Needy

Our Local Community Outreach Ministry provides limited care to the homeless and less fortunate.

Homeless care packages contain gender specific clothing including: sweat pants, sweat shirt, underwear, socks, jacket; basic toiletries kit, blanket, non-perishable food, water and a Bible.


Care for the less fortunate is provided on a need to need basis and may include: groceries, hot meals, clothing, used furniture, minor car repair and limited transportation to and from medical facilities.

Love Donations are Most Welcome! Volunteers Needed! Please contact PNE Ministries.

Anglers For Jesus Ministry - Newly Forming

Currently based in Pueblo West, Colorado, Anglers For Jesus Ministry is a group of Christian men and women anglers dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with fellow anglers one heart at a time. Based on this purpose, our ministry objectives are:

  1. To encourage and conduct, among fellow anglers, public worship and Christian ministry.
  2. To proclaim, teach, and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. To encourage Christian fellowship among fellow anglers.

Anglers For Jesus Ministry